Trust Dr. O’Donnell’s dedication to gentle. Whether you suffer from panic attacks, claustrophobia in the dental chair, or have had traumatic dental experiences in the past, trust that at Alabama Smile Design, we will have solutions to make your experience free of anxiety and pain and make sure you’re as comfortable as you can be, helping to create a better patient experience that many phobia sufferers find more reassuring and more relaxing. We are your go to along the Gulf Coast for gentle dentistry. Your comfort is a top priority; there’s no reason you should ever feel anxious with Dr. O’Donnell and his team by your side. 

While engaging in a pleasant sleep-like experience, Dr. O’Donnell and his team will be hard at work making sure you ‘wake up’ with the beautiful new smile and results you desire. Dr. O’Donnell respects the power of dental fear. It stops people from going to the dentist, and that can have a major impact on your oral health, your physical health and your mental outlook. The ability to build rapport with patients is critical to the gentle dentistry concept. Dr. O’Donnell and his team place great emphasis on spending more time with patients, discovering more about how they want to be treated and ensuring that they feel comfortable before the treatment progresses.

What Types of Gentle Dentistry Methods are Offered?

Nitrous Oxide, often called ‘laughing gas’,  allows for a light level of relaxation and sedation to be achieved. You breathe nitrous oxide through a mask placed over your nose, while supervised by the dentist. Patients typically report a relaxed, dreamy mental state. When your dental work is complete, you will begin inhaling oxygen and the effects of the nitrous will immediately dissipate.

Oral Sedation is the effective use of a prescribed medication taken shortly before treatment. You’ll relax comfortably into a state of conscious sedation. You’ll be awake and able to respond to instructions from Dr. O’Donnell, but you’ll also be deeply relaxed and won’t remember the appointment afterward. If this is your preferred route, be aware you will need someone to drive you home after treatment