At Alabama Smile Design, we do accept insurance but you do not have to have dental insurance to be treated here. We file insurance as a courtesy to our patients. Dental insurance plans have a large amount of variability across the spectrum of plans so it is up to you to know your policy and coverage. Co-payments and estimated patient portion will be due at the time services are rendered

Dental insurance is NOT truly insurance but a form of prepayment for dental work. To put it simply…it is a discount plan. If you do not have insurance, or even if you do but have a lengthy waiting period on major work, take a look at our membership plan. It is designed to provide you discounts on services for a low annual fee. 

An injured tooth often presents an unexpected expense but it is important to keep perspective and ensure your primary focus remains the danger it places on your body and health, not your wallet. The mouth is the hub for the whole body. Dental complications are degenerative meaning that they get worse the longer you put off treatment. Failing to address an ailment do to an insurance waiting period, or maxed out benefits, stresses the body and almost always increases the financial cost of treatment as the severity of the damage escalates. It’s easy for simple issues to turn into more serious situations when treatment is neglected. Dental insurance limitations should NOT dictate your treatment. There are a number of options available to make the cost of your treatment fit any budget. Our main goal is to help you achieve optimal oral and overall health!

If you carry insurance with a company that we are not in network with, we will still file your insurance as a courtesy.