Primescan and Hybrid Dentures


We all know digital impression taking is here to stay. Scanning the single crown, implant or bridge is routine in many offices around the world. It’s awesome! Patients love it, doctors love it and even more importantly assistants love it! Naturally, the next evolution in scanning is the edentulous arch. Here is a case done in my office earlier this year using the Cerec Primescan. This patient had an existing hybrid denture that was broken during a surgical procedure. He was dreading the impression and we felt he would be a great case to scan.

We placed scan bodies on the implants as we do in single implant cases and scanned away. Within 2-3 minutes we had the upper implant arch scanned and we moved on to scanning his lower hybrid denture. It was fast and we were done!

To make sure we had everything correct, we fabricated a verification jig and tried it in.

We also fabricated a custom tray just in case something was off. We did not make any adjustments and did not need the custom tray at all.

We communicated to our lab that everything fit correctly and they proceeded with the fabrication of the final prosthesis. It was sent back and tried in. Absolutely no adjustments were made to the denture or the patients bite.