At Alabama Smile Design, we are leading the way when it comes to technology, patient convenience and beautiful smiles. We know that your time is valuable so we are one of the few offices in the area to offer CEREC Same Day Dentistry. This technology offers the most advanced process to restore teeth and it is all completed in ONE VISIT

CEREC provides us the ability to design and place inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers and bridges that are custom tailored to your teeth. Imagine walking out of our door with your dream smile? This technology also enables Dr. O’Donnell to provide among the finest and fastest dental implants the Gulf Coast has available. 

You can trust Dr. O’Donnell and his team to create a beautiful solution for your smile. Dr. O’Donnell is a CEREC trainer and spends his “off time” teaching other professionals how  to implement this technology in their own practice. When you choose a CEREC doctor, you can feel confident in their dedication to accuracy, efficiency, and durability. 

At Alabama Smile Design, we do specialize in same day dentistry with CEREC restorations; Dr. O’Donnell has the extensive training and experience necessary to achieve the best possible result. He will customize your crown to fit the shape, size, contour, and bite of your mouth. This results in long-lasting, beautiful crowns faster, cleaner, and customized to fit your smile. 


CEREC stands for CERamic REConstruction. This is a computerized 3D imaging and camera assisted design center that allows our team to take digital impressions of a patient’s teeth via the use of a scanner, which captures an image of the teeth and gums, eliminating the need for messy impressions. You read that right…NO GOOEY MESS! The images are then used with an in-office milling unit for same-day restorations.


This technology allows Dr. O’Donnell to create full porcelain crowns same day. Yes, what once took multiple appointments can now be completed in just ONE visit! Getting that smile you’ve always dreamed of is easier than ever with CEREC technology!

The benefits to patients are plenty:

  • SAVE TIME – The work is completed chair-side. No more temporary restorations or second visits.
  • STAY CALM – Minimally invasive and you are in extremely skilled hands
  • LONG TERM STRENGTH & DURABILITY – The ceramics used in your restoration are inherently strong and resistant to wear
  • STAY NATURAL – Dental materials are biocompatible – Your restoration is attached with exceptional precision for natural looking results. 
  • BE BEAUTIFUL  – Highly aesthetic – Dr. O’Donnell controls the technical fit as well as the beautiful,  natural looking design and color. 
  • HANDLE EMERGENCIES – One visit means you won’t lose time if you break a tooth!
If you  have better things to do with your time, please call our office. We’re excited to show you the difference CEREC technology can make in your smile.